Regular Full-time Faculty

Cheng-hwa Tsang

Director and Distinguished Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Philippines

Research Areas/Interests: Taiwan Archaeology, Southeast Asian Archaeology, Chinese Archaeology, Settlement Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Social
Archaeology, Cultural Resources Management

Shu-min Huang

Dean and Distinguished Professor

Regions: Taiwan, China, Indochina

Research Areas/Interests: Cultural ecology, economic anthropology, Chinese society and culture

Chung-Min Chen

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Malaysia, China

Research Areas/Interests: Ecological anthropology, cultural anthropology, Chinese society,
overseas Chinese society

Kun-Hui Ku

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Island Southeast Asia

Research Areas/Interests: Austronesian Societies and Cultures, Religion, Historical
Anthropology, Material Culture, Legal Anthropology, Taiwanese Ethnic Groups

Ching-Wen Hsu

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, United States

Research Areas/Interests: Urban Anthropology, Space, Transnationalism

Wei-I Lee

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore

Research Areas/Interests: museums and cultural assets, environmental anthropology, social imagination, Taiwan studies

Mei-Huan Lu

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Singapore

Research Areas/Interests: religious anthropology, historical anthropology, Chinese society and culture

Hung-Lin Chiu

Associate Professor

Regions: Taiwan, Southern Japan

Research Areas/Interests: Archaeology, Physical (Biological) Anthropology, Prehistory of Taiwan

I-Chieh Fang

Associate Professor

Regions: China

Research Areas/Interests: Immigration, education and learning, work, economic anthropology, social change, gender

Hao-Li Lin

Assistant Professor

Regions: Fiji, Oceania, Taiwan

Research Areas/Interests: Environment, Conservation, Development, Agriculture, Popular Music and Culture, Hip-Hop

Ellen Hsieh

Assistant Professor

Regions: East Asia, Southeast Asia

Research Areas/Interests: Southeast Asian Archaeology, Historical archaeology, Maritime archaeology, Global history, Material culture,  Archaeological science, Colonialism

Galipeau, Brendan A.

Assistant Professor

Regions: Southwest China, Mainland Southeast Asia

Research Areas/Interests: Environment, Economy, Landscape, Agriculture, Food, Water Resources, Hydropower Resettlement, Catholic Missionaries in China and Tibet