English Courses in Austronesian Studies with Faculty:


Taiwan Archaeology (Tsang, Cheng‐Hwa 臧振華)
Austronesian Taiwan (Ku, Kun‐Hui 顧坤惠)
Indigenous Peoples and the State (Ku, Kun‐Hui 顧坤惠)
Multicultural Education and Curriculum Studies (Hsin, Ching‐Ting 辛靜婷)
Oceania Societies and Cultures (Lin, Hao‐Li 林浩立)
Gender and Sexuality in Southeast Asia (Lai, Francisca Y K 賴婉琪)
Gender Issues in Asia and the Pacific (Lai, Francisca Y K 賴婉琪)
Southeast Asia Societies and Cultures (Galipeau, Brendan A. 高進榮)
Contemporary Anthropological Theory (Galipeau, Brendan A. 高進榮)
Nature, Culture, and Power from Colonialism to 21st Century Capitalism (Galipeau, Brendan A. 高進榮)
Austronesian Linguistics (Liao, Hsiu‐chuan 廖秀娟)
Southeast Asia Ethnographies (Tsai, Yen‐ling 蔡晏霖)
Advanced Cultural Anthropology (Chen, Chung‐min 陳中民)

Note: Indigenous Language courses are available at the Indigenous
Language Learning Center, which are taught in Mandarin. Students are required to take
4 credits of Mandarin throughout the program.